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refreshing water

Where’s The Water? Are You Drinking Enough?

Beverages are big business. But where’s the water? Where’s the water? Today when you go to a small grocery or convenience store, you are likely to see one wall filled to the rafters with drink selections. If you walk alongside this display, you will see that water is not given prominent display. Why? Maybe because […]

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Digestive Issues

Proper Nutrition – Friend or Foe?

Proper Nutrition Can Help We prefer to say that lack of proper nutrition may be contributing to your digestive maladies. Our bodies are complex biomachinery, and will usually give us signs and symptoms to let us know when something is wrong. “Nutrition makes me puke.“ –Jimmy Piersall Although vomiting has many causes (some of them […]

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Ice Skating Injury

Sasha Cohen Used Nutrition

Sasha Cohen is an amazing athlete. Sasha Cohen – Olympic champion, and the perfect example of how to get back on top of your game after a devastating situation. Nutrition is a major factor you can count on when you need to heal your body after an accident. It keeps the spirits high and the […]

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Nutrition Starts at Home

When discussing nutrition, we never really think about the book Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus do we? It may not have been meant to apply to food, but it can. Women don’t need to eat as much men, and men don’t have to be forced to eat “chick food.” We need […]

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Apple A Day

An Apple A Day

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Want to know why the pharmaceutical companies are rich, and keep getting richer? It starts with how we view and take care of our health. Guess what – we make them rich by neglecting two things: we decide not to eat […]

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Establish Healthy Habits Now

Live for today, Plan for tomorrow. Why are establishing good habits important? The truth is, we are our worst enemy because we like to live for today, and throw our cares for tomorrow. This means we enjoy that extra large bag of chips and jumbo soda, and let tomorrow take care of itself. Then, if […]

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Stubborn About Health?

Why are we so stubborn about our health? The idea of living without major illnesses and with excellent health is pretty simple – eat right and exercise daily. Yet, we fail miserably. Does this mean great tasting food is bad for you? The fact is, we are often blown away by heavy marketing released by […]

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Food for Fuel

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” – Hippocrates  When did food become more than sustenance? When and why did we start eating because our eyes said so? Obesity and poor nutrition is a result of our eyes tempting our mind, and not because our body needs fuel. This means […]

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