Inertia Wave ™

The New Fitness Tool Taking the World by Storm!

The Inertia Wave ™: a fun and effective exercise tool to accelerate your cardio conditioning

If you’ve tried different forms of cardio exercises in pursuit of your fitness goals,  you may have found yourself giving up after awhile out of sheer boredom, or occasionally because the exercise was too challenging to attempt on a consistent basis.

Costs associated with gym membership fees and cardio equipment (many of us stuck in a cycle of buying-and-selling elliptical machines, treadmills, and rowing machines to keep workouts exciting) can become steep.

And injuries resulting from high-impact cardio exercises can limit your options.

The Inertia Wave ™ takes your fitness to the next level!

The Cardio Struggle

The Inertia Wave ™ is a great cardio exercise option for beginners and conditioned athletes alike. It takes your Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and aerobic activity sessions to the next level.

And at 2.7 lbs, the Inertia Wave ™ provides a portable and lightweight solution to help you reach your fitness goals.

By complementing your existing program, the Inertia Wave ™ can be used to help improve cardio-respiratory training, balance and stabilization, perceived hand-eye coordination, and deep-core training at the same time.

The versatile, compact, and travel-friendly Inertia Wave ™ works 3 main energy systems while providing people of all fitness levels with a fun and challenging workout.

7 Methods of Use

Inertia Wave™ creator Dave Parise has developed a set of 7 methods of using the Inertia Wave™. Check out the videos below.

In the first, Dave walks us through the 7 methods that all of our clients start with when using the Inertia Wave™ for the first time.

Therefore, once you’ve mastered those moves, the opportunities are endless with how you incorporate the Inertia Wave™ into your fitness programming.

In the second video, Dave shows some creative methods and flexible anchoring configurations so you can use the Inertia Wave™ virtually anywhere.

Inertia Wave ™ 7 Methods of Use

Creative Ways to Anchor the Inertia Wave ™

If you’re ready to try out one of the most effective, fun, and engaging exercise tools out there, just visit the Inertia Wave™ product page, select your preferred color above and add to the cart.

With our flat shipping guarantee (domestic United States only), we’ll ship out your Inertia Wave™ and within a few short days you’ll be experiencing the wave for yourself!

Inertia Wave ™ vs. Battle Ropes

Using the Inertia Wave is Easy

Using the Inertia Wave ™ is simple and easy and its conditioning effect is efficient.

The tubes are composed of a unique material that forces your muscles to respond to the external stimuli produce when your smaller intrinsic stabilizers and large muscle groups are engaged. Its patent-pending compact design means you can literally take the Inertia Wave ™ with you anywhere.

Can your battle ropes do that?

Battle Ropes Are Not the Way!

Battle ropes are challenging, but heavy and cumbersome to move and store, making it nearly impossible to use them on the go.

With the Inertia Wave™, you have a handy exercise tool that you can take anywhere!

Traveling on business? Pack your inertia wave and mounting straps in a small lightweight bag, and keep them in your carry-on. You’ll hardly know they are there.

Change up your workout scenery and head outdoors for some metabolic conditioning (MetCon) or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). We frequently take our Inertia Wave™ to the beach, the desert, and the mountains to keep our workouts engaging and fun.

Inertia Wave™

Strengthens your body and entire core.

Weighs < 2.7 lbs so it's lightweight and easy to store.

Take it anywhere and mount it 30+ ways.

Greater caloric burn and EPOC than battle ropes (SCSU-MIT).

Doesn't fray or tear within a few uses like battle ropes.

Improves hand-eye coordination, timing and coordination.

Battle Ropes

Put extreme tension and torque on the wrist and shoulder.

Encourage anterior chain dominance and bad posture.

Bulky, hard to store, and lead to clutter in the gym.

Burn less calories (Metabolic Labs SCSU-MIT).

Can fray, unwind, or plastic ends can fall off.

Don't improve cognition or hand-eye coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Inertia Wave™

Between 9.5 and 10 feet.

How much space do I need to use Inertia Wave™

You will need approximately 11 feet from the anchor points to the handles, and about 6 feet total width.

Why does the Inertia Wave™ come with an O-ring, carabiner, and rail strap?

The rail strap helps to alleviate the wear and tear on the carabiner and the O-ring and the carabiner serves to alleviate the stress on the O-ring.

How do I mount the Inertia Wave™ using the rail strap?

Tightly wrap the rail straps around a solid object (fence, barbell, wall hook, etc.), at approximately waist height and about 2-3 feet apart.

Make sure the rail strap is secure and snug around the object; you may want to tighten it 3 times to ensure it’s tight.

Then attach the carabiner to the O-Ring. YOU MUST USE THE RAIL STRAP DURING USE – DO NOT MODIFY.

Do I need the Inertia Wave™ wrist safety strap?

The Inertia Wave™ Original does not require safety straps, and safety straps are not provided and are not necessary.

The Inertia Wave™ DUO comes with safety straps. YOU MUST USE THE SAFETY STRAPS WITH Inertia Wave™ DUO.

Are the Inertia Wave™ products latex free?

There is a small amount of latex, please be aware if you are allergic.

How long does my Inertia Wave™ last?

Please be sure to inspect your Inertia Wave™ after every use and consider replacing them annually to avoid hampering performance. Inertia Wave™ is warrantied from manufacturing defect for 90 days – replacement subject to verification of the defect.

Is sales tax charged on orders?

If you are ordering from California, you will be assessed CA State Sales Tax upon checkout.

How long will shipping take?

Orders typically ship within 1-2 business days after placing your order.  We use FedEx to ship your product, which typically takes anywhere from 3-7 days from submitting your order to your door, depending upon where you live in the Continental United States.

How far can the tubing be stretched?

Please do not stretch the Inertia Wave more than 1.5 feet from the visually elongated length.

When you hold the ends firmly and pull the Inertia Wave to a straight line, that is it’s resting length. Do not exceed stretching more than 1.5 feet from this resting length.

How do I clean my Inertia Wave™?

Use a mild soap and a damp cloth to clean your Inertia Wave™ periodically.

Resellers and Distributors

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