Where’s The Water? Are You Drinking Enough?

refreshing water

Beverages are big business. But where’s the water?

Where’s the water? Today when you go to a small grocery or convenience store, you are likely to see one wall filled to the rafters with drink selections.

If you walk alongside this display, you will see that water is not given prominent display.

Why? Maybe because it is cheaper and the store probably makes less on every bottle of water sold than if a cola or carbonated juice drink is sold.

“Water is the most neglected nutrient in your diet, but one of the most vital” ~ Julia Child

Then, if you eat in a restaurant or fast food, you will also notice massive cups or glasses of drinks other than water. Is water now passé’?

All the nutrition experts will tell you that water is the single most important drink you could ever give to your body.

It may not taste like anything or look appealing even on a hot day, but it will never cause you to gain weight.

Plus, it nourishes the  body and flushes out the toxins that tends to get stored inside the body.

If you aren’t drinking enough, try slowly introducing more liquid hydration and start to feel the difference in your energy level and complexion, and that’s just the start!

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